PC Tech Support Inbound Process

The process is about selling technical support and providing tech support services to U.S people. The center role will be to buy calls at and make sales at their end on behalf of my company they will charge payments on our website by taking customer remote session.

After making sales they will transfer the call to our center for support. All support services will be provided by us. So center role will be just to make sales as per our policies.  Whatever sale amount they will make they will get 605 of that in next 4-5 business days ...

Our policies are as follows:

Terms & conditions.

1. Need proper call recording of sale call. Beginning to end.
2. Cannot make sale by using any brand name like Microsoft, DELL, HP etc.
3  Do not use hacking terms on calls.
4. Do not use any term which may say that we have any connection to their server or IP address.   .
5. Before you submit sale get the customer's signature on e-sign documents
4. All sales should be made on behalf of XXXXXX Services. Customer
    should know properly whom they are paying & for what.
5. Do not sale any plan maximum 3 years or lifetime.
6. sale should be between $99.95 - $800
7. Center will not contact the customer in future or will forward the data to other company.
8. Do not make sale if customer has already a plan with a different company.
9. Do not promise to support apple products or cell phone.
10.  When customer will be ready to make payment open the payment page on
      customer computer. as it track IP so payment cannot be made from our end.
11.  This contract is not for Outbound process. Only for inbound


1. We may refund or reject the sale. If we find the obligation of above policies in call recording.
2  If center sell the data or pass the sale made data to other company. or if they contact
    customer from their end. So it may finish the contract.
3. 60% of all sale made will be available to collect in 3-4 business days.

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