Regional Translation

We pay monthly between 5th to 10th of each month.

Payout- 20 Rs/ Page

  • Hindi Sample
  • Marathi Sample
  • Gujarati Sample
  • Bengali Sample
  • Telugu Sample
  • Tamil Sample
  • Oriya Sample
  • Assamese Sample
  • Kannada Sample
  • Malayalam Sample

Work: Keep the English text as it is and just translate rest.

This is what is required, some general rules

Please put all translated text alongside the English text, please do not delete or overwrite the English text. Your responsibility would include translating and setting the language script below the English script below each question.

You will read the English text, understand what is written and frame it in Hindi ( or your assigned language) and Translate (type), so that it makes sense when we read the translation. But you will in the bargain also not SKIP; DELETE any data, even if you find it irrelevant.

The translation should be of satisfactory quality. It should not be word to word as that would make no sense. The meaning and message should be conveyed properly (colloquial). These questionnaires go to the common man to be filled up, so let them be in the easiest language possible.

Please do not SKIP any data, even if you find it unreasonable or unwanted. The basic aim of our work is to get the English Text translated on PAPER, so try your level best to include everything.

General and Common words like - Mobile, Address, TV, Proper Nouns, Company Names, Abbreviations etc, let them be the same. Please do not translate such words.

If something is in the BOLD or ITALICS in the original text let it be BOLD / Italics in your translated text too.

Before you submit your work please run a final round of QC (Quality Check) through it. We really do not want our clients to suffer. Just start reading the file once again and go through your TRANSLATED TEXT, we are sure you would be satisfied at the end of the day for delivering a FULLPROOF file.


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