Semi voice campaign

>>>> You will be calling potential customers all over the U.S. Looking for customers, who are interested, cooperative, are the home owner .  You will live transfer those calls to our closing agents.

>>>> We are investing in you - We supply the dialer, Leads and the non-voice software. This all costs money that we provide to you for free - We also are investing our time, not only getting you set up, but also the initial and ongoing training.

>>>> What are the VOIP charges?

>>>> The cost of the VOIP is .0079 per minute - You should budget $3 per agent per day

>>>> Can you use your own VOIP Provider?

>>>> No. We require that everyone use our VOIP provider, both the opening centers and the closing centers. The reason we do it is to avoid all the tech issues and to provide you with accurate reporting on all calls. Our calling plan allows for all the calls to be connected through tier one and two providers and offer more termination points and outgoing channels that any other provider. Because everyone is on the same system, using the same VOIP provider we do not experience latency issues, echoes, delays and disconnections. The calls are clean and flawless.

>>>> Do you profit from the centers using your VOIP Provider?

>>>> No. We do not profit from this. You get charged, what we get charged.

>>>> Can you deduct the VOIP from future payouts?

>>>> The VOIP must be prepaid in order to get started. It is not our VOIP Company (3rd party) - We do not pay it for you.

>>>> We will set up the VOIP account for you and provide you with the web portal and show you how to proceed

>>>> You will have complete control, as you will have access to the Web Portal (VOIP provider) there, you will be able to load your minutes and receive your VOIP reports

>>>> PayPal
>>>> You must set up a PayPal account both to make payment to VOIP provider and to receive payment from us. It is really simple to do - Just go to their website and set up an account - It is the easiest method and the cheapest

>>>> What is the pay out?

>>>> We will pay you $6 per transfer, with a 60 second buffer

>>>> What is a 60 second buffer and why is it needed?

>>>> A 60 second buffer means, that when the call is transferred the closing agent has 60 seconds to determine if the transferred call was a qualified transfer, meaning the customer was interested, cooperative, was the home owner (not a renter) , a single family residence , average electric bill above $100 on average - if the call goes 60 seconds or greater, the transferred call will be considered billable and therefore you will be paid on it.

>>>> What are the qualifications for a transferred call?

>>>> There are 3 criteria for the calls to be transferred - 1) they must be a home owner and not a renter 2) It must be single family residence. 3) Their electricity bill should be above $100.00 a month on average . If we see that you are transferring an unacceptable amount of renters or customers that are not qualified, we will terminate the arrangement. - It means your agents are not doing their jobs, asking the correct questions and getting the correct answers

>>>> What can my center achieve?

>>>> That really all depends upon you and your agents - Your agents should be able to achieve 4 billable transfers per day each - Keep in mind, in an 8 hour day that is only 1 transfer every 2 hours. Your agents will be speaking to 500 people a day - That’s 1 out of every 125 people.

>>>> Your agents will be dialing 3000 - 5000 numbers per day each - speaking with between 300 - 500 customers a day

>>>> What is your pay schedule?

>>>> The week starts on Friday and ends on Thursday - You will be paid the next day (Friday) - You will be paid via PayPal.

>>>> Is it possible to send payment to our international merchant account?

>>>> No, only if it is attached to your PayPal Account.

>>>> Calling Schedule

>>>> All times are based on EST. At present, we are open from 9am - 7pm EST Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm EST, Friday and 12pm - 5pm EST on Saturday.

>>>> Training

>>>> The scripts and training, we will provide them once the agreement is returned

>>>> Reports Disclosure

>>>> You will receive reports everyday showing exactly how many transfers were sent, how many of them where billable, all call duration and how much money is due.

>>>> Access to all the recordings both, on the opening side and also on the closing side.

>>>> How long does it take to set up?

>>>> The set up process is very easy. Once we receive the agreement back, we will set you up in the system. Once that is complete, we will set up your VOIP account. You will then prepay your VOIP. Once set up you will change the audio settings on each agents work station. It will take a few minutes for each one. We will provide explicit directions that are easy to follow. In the event, you still need help our tech department will assist you. The whole process lasts about an hour . 


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  3. Contact for this project 9973705050

  4. kindly share with me any project of US and UK of sales.

  5. Hi,I am interested in this process and currently I am running a 15 seater centre in Kolkata if you can provide with more details about this process I will be starting it as soon as possible.
    Mail Id-
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  6. Hi,I am interested in this process and currently I am running a 15 seater centre in Kolkata if you can provide with more details about this process I will be starting it as soon as possible.
    Mail Id-
    Phone no- 7003185250

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