Seller Onboarding Process

You will have to register seller on URL link.If you will not use the above link to register the seller we will not liable to pay you.

Once the seller has been registered, his seller central account has been completed in all aspects, pls list his inventory & provide basic training on Seller Central to the seller.
Post that, pls send a launch request by mentioning seller’s email ID & phone number by writing to
Pls inform all the sellers that they will receive a launch verification call from a number starting with “+353”.
 Ecommerce company will provide one day training to the registered sellers with free of cost.

  • Once the seller is given training the vendor can raise invoice and the payment shall be released within 30-45 days.
  • Payment shall be Rupees 1500/- (inclusive of all taxes) for one seller registered with Ecommerce company. 
  • Earning potential of minimum 4-5 Lakhs in a month

Pipeline benefits are Courier services to the seller registered by you and Training to already registered sellers in ecommerce company in your area.


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