Cargo Tech Support Inbound

We would like to present before you a great opportunity to work on Cargo Tech Support Services Inbound Campaign. The customer shall call up on our Helpline Number based on our company website. The calls would be routed to the qualified Centre and they are expected to support the customers and resolve any queries.

Process Details

Product/Service Category
Cargo Tech Support Services Inbound (USA)
$ 12 per hour per agent
Shift Window
8 hours/two shift (16/7/365 Days)
Agents Required
15 agents/shift  (2 Shift)
Minimum Performance Expected
Quality Scores and CSAT as per the SLA
Ramp-up Duration
6 months (Driven by performance of the centre)
Payment Cycle
Advance payment within 10th of every month.
Contract Duration
Initially for 3 years extendable for another 5 years.
Training Duration
7 Days paid for training
Format will be exchanged and explained during on-line training

A leading Cargo company is looking for centers who can handle the Tech Support calls from their existing and new clients for their service. The calls queries would include delivery status of the Transportation, current location of the trucks, expected time of delivery etc. The center will be handling B2C queries. After successful completion of 6 months, the B2B lines will also be opened for the center.

Note: CRM and toll free no will be provided by the client. The client will charge a deposit of USD 3500.00 which will be refunded after the successful completion of the contract term.

Consultancy charges will be taken in two parts initially at the time of MOU and remaining will be taken in advanced payment. Every month royalty will be chargeable in minimum.


Centre to recruit the advisor with the following skills.

· Good Communication

· Good Customer services Skills

· Good Selling & Convincing Skills

· Attitude & Stability

· Good Analytical skills

· Basic computer skills.

Note: The Centre can recruit the advisors based on various tests like aptitude, listening, grammar & mathematical tests. (Scores should be more than 75% on each of the area)
Agents and Managers will go through the Client round before recruited.

Note: Preferred advisors who have worked on US inbound Campaigns. If fresher’s in the team then we strongly recommend a US (V & A, and Culture) training given to such advisors before the process training.

Tech requirements –

 · For every 15 agents slot, the centre is required to provide 8 Mbps data link - with redundancy

· For every 15 agent slot, the centre is required to provide 2 E1 (IPLCC) links -with redundancy

· 2 Dedicated IBM servers - 3250 series needed (Call server, Application server, database server and control panel)

· SANGOMA Cards on the call server.

· 1 Cisco Routers - 2900 series

· Switches - 2 Cisco Switches of 2600 series

· Systems - Processor-i3, 2 GB RAM, HDD 500 GB with Win7 OS installed, MS office licensed, licensed soft phones / hard phones, noise cancellation headphones.

· All voice files to be stored for 2 years and all sales calls to be uploaded on the Client FTP server.

Documents required:

•           Center Profile Selection
·                     MOU & NDA
·                      Center LOI
•           Center Pictures
•           Articles and Memorandum of Association
•           Last 6 months Bank statement
•           Director’s profile along with senior Management profile
•           Details of any 2 previous projects handled


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