Outbound Leads

"Value is more Expensive than Price"

Dear Call Centers,
We understand the value of your money and are always available to serve your each and every requirements regarding DATABASE/DIALER/VOIP. 

Our database is updated on a monthly basis, with additional maintenance of telephone appending along with screening against the industry suppression files including Gone away, deceased and change of address files. 

We cover almost every database verticals like Tech Support, Pharmacy, Debt/IVA, Solar, Home Owners, Diabetic, Pain, EDU, Seniors, Affluent, Mortgage, PDL,PPI, Secured/Unsecured Loans, Pension and many more services like Predictive Dialers, VoIP Minutes and Payment Gateways.

If you are in search of reliable, convertible leads based on current consumer data then you are in the right place. At XXXX Services this is our specialty, so contact us today to discuss your requirements and progress your business today.


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  2. Give ur contact details so that if I require VOIP mins or dialer I can purchase it frm u

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  5. Whip Smart Bpo Services provides complete solution in BPO- Projects, Calling Leads, Dialer, VOIP Minutes and Payment Gateway. We also assist centres in opening the new Call centers.Contact us at 7250306783 or you can add me on Skype- arun2183