Hourly paid B2C US Pharmacy Hot transfer

Hourly payment per agents: $5.00
Hourly approved average lead to be at 0.5. (One lead per every two hrs.)
Payment net 7
Direct wire or PayPal available.
Bonus payments: +transfers above norm, $8.00

Min 10 agents to start, no exceptions.
Done US Pharmacy, diabetic, medical campaigns, no exceptions.
US Medical insurance experience, no exceptions.

Included in the campaign:
Free Data provided.
Free dialer & VoIP provided to centers with proven success and meeting minimum requirements for a period of 30 days.
Agent certification & training
Access to CRM system
Live transfer phone numbers
Periodic status reports of valid and invalid leads (with reasons)

Vendor Deliverables:
  • Posting leads into Target Global provided CRM
  • Dialer & VOIP
  • Interview 1 audio recordings of all leads posted on Target Global CRM.


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