US Legal Lead generation, survey campaign with live transfer

US Legal Lead generation, survey campaign with live transfer

This simple campaign can also be used after a U.S. Core campaign with a few simple question at the end.  Do you or any family members or people you know even been a victim of medical mal-practice & medication issues with permanent damage. 
Best work out for any center is with leads recommended by client; this campaign has been running for past 18 months and has been fine polished for optimal results, more work force needed.

v  Dialer,
v  VoIP,
v  Leads.

v  CRM
v  Min 20 agents to start. (Can Not Be Negotiated)
v  $100.00 to $225.00 per valid lead
v  Long Term Campaign.
v  Payment terms, Bi-weekly payments,
v  Chargebacks: All Invalid / disqualified leads or medical records.
v  Lead (data) vendor for this campaign.
v  Script after sign up, directly from client.
v  Full Training and support.

A qualified Lead” means a prospect who properly responds to all questions on the script
The process is as follows:
  • Center calls consumers in the US and administer the criteria via CRM.
  • If the person qualified, they live transfer the lead to our office in the US.
  • Once transferred the closer verifies and send the retainer to the client and gets them signed up. This becomes a billable lead to the center.
  • Post the signup our paralegal team interacts with the client and their insurance and medical facility and fetches the medical record.
  • Once we get the medical record and if the client qualifies for a case, we pay the bonus amount.

All the call center needs to do is transfer the lead to us. We take it from there. We follow-up, chase and get the verification done. The frontiers just have to focus on asking the basic questions and transferring them over to us.


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