Home Security Lead Generation

Home Security Lead Generation Campaign

You will be calling potential customers all over the U.S.

Looking for customers, who are interested, cooperative, are the home owner and are not currently under contract with another security company.  You will live transfer those calls, to our closing agents.

Client will provide:
Avatar (Non Voice Avatar like technology) and

Training and Daily Reporting

There are no setup fees.
However, you are responsible for your VOIP minutes – Must use our VOIP provider.

Client will pay you $6 per transfer, with a 60 second buffer
Payment – Weekly – Every Friday – Paid via PayPal


Minimum 25 agents,
Must have High Speed Internet Access and
Windows 7 or better

Client has 12 different installation groups that they are Master dealers for.

They each have their own unique footprint to do installations in.

When you combine all the footprints, they are in 44 states, covering over 40,000 zip codes or roughly 90% of the U.S. population.

Client offers the customer free equipment, free installation and wave out activation fee. The only thing the customer is responsible for is the monthly monitoring fee.

The fee ranges in price between $39 and $60 a month.

You would be doing lead generation; finding customers that have interest, cooperation are the home owners (not renters) and are not under contract with another security company.

To know about our commercials, please contact us.


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