We hereby offer you a Voice process from our client in United States.

The Details of the Process are detailed below:

The Call center will be receiving and handling INBOUND Calls for a Financial Services Company.

Customers calling will be asking for general questions about their
Re- Payments,
Requests for Address Change,
Outstandings etc.

All information about customers will be available in database.

Average handling time for each call is 3-4 minutes and client expects Indian Call Center to meet this requirement within 2 months of starting operations.

Call Drops etc are to be discussed after 2-3 weeks of operations as client expects at least 2 weeks learning curve in this process after training.

Starting will be with 8 agents and then based on the performance of the Indian Call Center, numbers would be enhanced to 25-30 agents in a short period of time. Performance is critical in this process.

Client expects good quality based on agents being able to communicate effectively in English and also understand accents as client has customers all over the United States. If they can speak in an American Accent it would be good but any Asian Accent is not acceptable.

System Requirements will be 
Minimum 1 GB RAM,
Core Duo PC.
A high speed dedicated connection of 2 MBPS is needed for clear and effective server login as also voice communication.
High Quality phones with headsets will be needed to ensure clear voice communication.
Client will install Firewall in your server and have full control over this dedicated server.

Staffing is to be English speaking candidates who HAVE to be fluent in English.

  • Training will be the responsibility of the client. Client intends to give training online (mode to be decided mutually) everyday for around 8 days and then have a couple of days of trials with your agents.
  • Future training programs are to be decided mutually and accordingly conducted to enhance skill sets of agents and impart new skills and knowledge as may be needed during the course of the process.
  • Training Materials will be provided as needed by Client and training attrition is to be kept at minimum.

Login Details will be client responsibility and an all systems check will be performed before training and before the start of operations.

Quality Assurance will be a joint process and calls will be monitored from their end on a daily basis and feedback imparted to team lead and management on a daily basis or as will be needed.

Daily Attendance Reports,
Calibration Reports,
Status Updates,
Attrition Reports,
Outage Reports,
Daily , Weekly and Monthly Summaries of Productivity,
Quality Details and as required other MIS reports will be the reporting tools to Client from Indian Call Center side.
Client will provide ready formats for reporting which need to be adhered to strictly.

Client Communication will be a deciding factor for a long term business engagement with this client and hence it would be prudent to have an effective person in charge of Client Communications.

A detailed structure for communications and continuous interaction as also sharing of Ideas, Quality Improvement processes etc is to be worked upon during training. These would include setting up of Operations and Team Meeting Calls.

Pricing has been decided by client based on their independent assessments.
It will be United States Dollars One Thousand Five Hundred Fifty ($1550) for each agent monthly.
This pricing is to be reviewed in a meeting at their offices after one year.
This is priced for 22 days (Monday to Friday) working month with a 9 hours WORKING shift.

Shift Timings will be 8 PM to 5 AM Indian Standard Time.

Working means attending calls for this time period and WILL NOT include breaks taken.
Remittance will be made to your designated business account at the end of every fortnight within 3 business days of submission of invoice.

Client will not pay for training.
Contract period will be of 2 years and is to be signed with Client.


Indian Client Charges: INR 90,000
Royalty: 5%

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