1. Our Client is a global travel company offering customer’s low airfare with 50% discount and holiday packages to 200 locations across the globe in the website price (special offer to tele-customers).

2. Inbound customers are calling to avail their free discount coupons/codes and get the Theme Holiday at the discounted rate. The ratio of inbound calls to outbound calls is 3:1 (three inbound calls to one outbound call)

3.  Base Payout is $12 per hour per seats. ( Incentives On Up selling Of Holiday Packages )

4.  The Client will be providing calling data for outbound calls. Client will also provide calling scripts, inbound call handling scripts, customer support variations, etc. Client will also provide call center recordings of outbound and inbound calls.

5. All calls have to be logged & recorded; hence Center needs a predictive dialer. Strictly no Manual Dialing. And Payment is every 15th day for hours billed.

6. Customers can pay directly on the web-site using the discount code or cards (each center is allocated one) or give the agent their details on the phone to either charge their credit card or via ACH. All holiday packages and discount airfare are mentioned ON THE WEBSITE.

7.  Client is having an SSL-123 secure website hosted on a Static US IP. The website is fully secure for online payments.

8. A theme holiday is a concept holiday package, eg Treasure Island Holiday, Marooned on Survivor Island Holiday, Diving for Gold Holiday, Bali Hidden Paradise Holiday.

9. Centers need to handle inbound call related to flight booking status & query and holiday package offer with discounts.

10.  Client will offer advance payment option once centers good performance and above consistently for over 1 month of billing.

11. Process Introduction, Training, Calls Coaching, Leads Penetration Planning, etc is conducted by the Client END.

12. Seats 10 and 8 Hours 1 Shift (24*7 After 3 Month Performance)SLA is for 18 months extendable by another 12 months.

13. Security &Vendor Charges (Non-Negotiable) Rs 8 LAC INR (16000 USD)

14. Interested Centers, who have technology in place for inbound support please send you company profile with xxxxxxxx INR Slot Registration & LOI ASAP


  1. Hi, I am interested in this process.

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