Oriya Page Typing


Nature of Work: Page Typing in Oriya 

Payout: INR 12 per page (Avg 30-40 lines)

Work Available: Sufficient

Work Details:

  • Hard Copies of pages is provided. 
  • Each page is having around 30-40 lines.
  • Center needs to type data in MS Word using Aakruti.
  • This is in-house project.

Average typing time per page: 15 mins

Payment Schedule: 45 days

Quality: There is no quality deduction but center should maintain quality.


Min: 100 pages per day
Max: As much as you can

Security Amount: INR 30,000 (Refundable)

Limited Slots !!!

Locality: For Odisha Only

For more details, please contact us.

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