Education Event Blended (Inbound – Outbound)


PURPOSE: Consultant is offshore channel partners for INDIA. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify a centre qualified to provide call center services to support the Client’s program, i.e. inbound, outbound, customer care, service, sales, lead generation, etc...

MINIMUM SEATS: 30 Per Center


  • Hot leads will be generated and the Centre’s will receive inbound call from students that have come to know about the competition through various marketing mediums. 
  • The Centre should put together team of Agents capable of handling all the faculties of telemarketing including; Establishing An Appointment, Maintaining A Database, Events Registering, Follow-up Services Support Services, Supporting and Coordinating with the Event Management Agency, etc… 
  • The Agents Job Profile is to call the prospective applicant, explain the concept, complete the registration fees transfer and close the leads. 
  • The Centre has to ensure that applicant receives the best Customer Satisfaction Services with fast responses, guidance on proposal processes and continuous support in-between and after the proposal. 
  • The center will be given qualified database or can procure database and scrub it against the client master database. 
  • The center will be paid database cost at actual or at a cost agreed and approved by the client.

SEATING CAPACITY: Each slot consists of 30 Blended seats (the combination of Outbound and Inbound would change as per the City Tier location)

HOURS OF OPERATIONS: For inbound Call Centre open and available to callers 12 hour and 7 days a week. For Outbound Call Centre open and available for calling 8 hrs and 7 days a week. The peak volume period is weekdays, between 11:00 AM and 08:00 PM Time Zone specific.

PAYOUT: Fixed Payout* in the range of Rs. 20000 to Rs.25000 per seat (depending on the city tier and location of centre) + Variable Payout**
* Fixed billing range would be between Rs. 6,00,000 to Rs. 7,50,000
** Incentive Billing range including the Variable Payout would be Rs. 18,00,000 to Rs. 44,00,000

PRODUCTIVITY EXPECTED: For the Lead to be qualified and billable, the agent’s job is just to create interest in the concept, explain the system, and get the caller to complete the registration process. Each Inbound or Outbound Agent is required to complete atleast 2 student registrations a day.

60 Days Cooling Period

PAYMENT CYCLE: Initially monthly for a months and then fortnightly or Bi-weekly.

TRAINING PERIOD: The Center will be required to conduct agent soft skill training. The Client will support vendor with the development of the training program by providing program-specific content and by conducting a train-the-trainer session with the Center. The program typically requires up to 20 hours of program-specific training.

CONTRACT SIGN-UP AND TENURE: Direct Sign up. Initial term of a One year contract, The Client will sign a 5 year contract renewable annually on the basis of performance with the selected Vendor meeting the eligibility criteria.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Technical Infrastructure as per client requirement and Bandwidth cost needs to be borne by the center. Client will provide IVR, dialer and CRM.

PLEASE NOTE: The Center should be qualified to do business and that it will take such action as, from time to time hereafter, may be necessary to remain so qualified, The Centre should comply with all Central, State and Local laws, regulations, and ordinances applicable to its activities and obligations under this Contract. The Centre should obtain, at its expense, all licenses, permits, insurance, and governmental approvals, if any, necessary to the performance of its obligations under this Contract. The Centre should not subcontract any portion of the services provided under this Contract.

SELECTION CRITERIA: To qualify, the Center selection will be based on the following criteria; Demonstrated ability to provide full call center services of all facets of The Client program, including: Hiring Qualified Staff, including multi-lingual agents, Forecasting and Scheduling, Training and Development, Quality Assurance, Telecom Administration, Reporting Capabilities, and Database Administration, Disaster Recovery Plan, Ability to fully implement the above stated services by October 2014.

COMMERCIALS: Charges below is only for 30 seats, if multiple slot selected consultancy charges will be added accordingly.(1 slot – 30 seats). Three options Available for Consultancy Charges.

  • Total 7.5 Lakhs (2 Lakhs after going live  4 Lakhs from 1st month billing and 1.5 lakhs from 2nd billing) BOTH IN THE FORM OF BG AT THE TIME OF MOU along with 10% Royalty from 3RD month billing till Contract period. 
  • Total 9 lakhs in form of PDC payable in three equal parts----2.5 Lakhs after going live  ,2.16 Lakhs from first billing and 2.16 Lakhs from second billing  and 2.16 lakhs from the 3rd billing along with 10%royalty from 3rd billing till contract period
  • Total 9.5 lakhs in form of PDC 5 Lakhs from first billing and 4.5 Lakhs from second billing along with 10%royalty from 3rd month billing till contract period.



Do let me know if any further clarifications are required from my end on the above details.

Technical specification required at the Centre for the process<30 Seats>:

  1. Application Server: IP PBX + IVR + Recording  
    Qty : 1+1 
    Configuration: Xeon Quad Core CPU , 16 GB RAM, 500GB x 2 HDD, 2TB x 2 HDD, Sangoma/Digium 2 Port, Redhat Linux
  2. Agent App. Server : Xeon Quad Core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 500GB x 2 HDD, Microsoft Win 2012 Server
  3. Agent Desktop : 30    [Configuration: I3, 2GB, 250GB]      [HDD, Head Set Mic, Win 7]
  4. TL+ IT+ MIS + Admin Desktop Req:I3, 4GB, 500GB HDD, Head Set Mic, Win 7
  5. Firewall : 1+1     50 Users , AV, CF, IDS
  6. Gigabit Network Switch : 2
  7. Data Backup : 1 and Configuration: 2 TB External Hard Disk
  8. LAN Networking : Rack, Jack Pannel, IO Box, Patch Cords, CAT 6 Cables, 1 Server Room + Agent
  9. UPS 5 KVA with 1 Hrs Backup and Quantity 2
  10. DG Set for 5 KVA Load and Quantity 1
  11. PRI Line : 2 Pri Line ( 60 Lines)
  12. MPLS Bandwidth: 4+4 Mbps ( 2 Different Service Provider)
  13. Internet Connectivity : 1 and 2 mbps
  14. Bandwidth Load balancer :2 for maintaining 99.9 uptime of Bandwidth
  15. IT Engineer : 1


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