New Inbound Process

Qualification Criteria:‐

The prospective bidder must qualify all of the following requirements to be eligible to participate in
the bidding. Bidders who meet following requirements will be considered as successful bidder and
management has a right to disqualify those bidders who do not meet these requirements.

􀂙 Bidder should have an average turn over of Rs. 6 Crore over the last three consecutive financial years.
􀂙 Bidder must have three years experience with knowledge and exposure w.r.t services rendered to call
center to the reputed organization with one single order with value minimum of Rs.2 Crores. Order
copy shall be submitted in this regard.
􀂙 From BCP DRP (Business Continuity Plan ‐ Disaster Recovery Plan) perspective , Bidder should have 2
sites with at least 1 of them existing(operational) in Delhi & other may be existing(operational) Pan
India preferably in NCR.
􀂙 Bidder must have at least 300 seats in Operation in Delhi and Back Up facilities with at least
60 seats in Operation Pan India preferably in NCR
􀂙 Bidder should have min 3 years of Experience in Public Utility ( Gas , Water , Electricity , Railways etc)
􀂙 Bidder should have valid Registration No. of Sales Tax/VAT/Service Tax, whichever is Applicable;
􀂙 Bidder should have PAN No & should fulfill all statutory compliances like PF, ESI registration
􀂙 An undertaking (self certificate) that the bidder has not been blacklisted/debarred by any central/state
government institution including electricity boards. The bidder should also confirm and an undertaking
(self certified) to be submitted that there is no pending litigation with government on account of
executing similar order.

􀂙 Company reserves the right to carry out capability assessment of the Bidders and company's decision
shall be final in this regard without assigning the reasons thereof and preference will be given to the
Bidders who have worked with utility companies.

The bidder shall submit all necessary documentary evidence to establish that the Bidder meets the above
qualifying requirements.

Also, the Bidder shall furnish the following commercial & technical information along with the
􀀹 Latest balance sheet
􀀹 Details of constitution of the company (Proprietary/ Limited. Along with details)
􀀹 Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company
􀀹 Organization Chart of the company
􀀹 Experience details with credentials
􀀹 Turnover certificate issued by C.A for the last three Financial Years.
􀀹 No of Employees (Technical and Commercial) detail
􀀹 Performance Certificate from the Vendors with major order
􀀹 PRI and Leased Lines proof.
􀀹 Premises Detail.

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