US Distressed Mortgage Live Transfer Process

US Distressed Mortgage Live Transfer Process

PROCESS NAME:  US Distressed Mortgage Live Transfer 
SEAT:  Minimum 10 Seat
PAYMENT CYCLE :  Weekly billing 
Working hours: Monday to Friday
PAYOUT MODE :  Wire Transfer from US
VALIDITY :  11 Month
Working hours: 10 AM EST to 8 PM EST
Leads Provided by Client
Calling List Provided by Client
Dialer Provided by Client
Training will be from client  side :YES
If one person complete only 10 live transfer per day
1 Person Billing  :- $10 * 10 = $100 
10 person live transfer
10 Person Billing  :- $100  * 10 = $1000
Per Day Billing   :- $1000  * 58 = 58,000/- 
Monthly Billing  :- 58,000* 22 = 12,76,000/-
Per Month  :- 12,76,000/- INR
Company Profile
Company's L.o.I
Directors profile along with  senior Management profile
Pan card copy
Company's reg copy
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The Criteria is as below :-

Mortgage Loan Modification Plan to help for homeowners that are behind in their mortgage payments 2 or more months or in foreclosure.

Minimum mortgage balance: $100,000

Minimum House Hold Income: $24,000

Cannot be in bankruptcy

No Leads / Calling List or Dialer is provided.

Since we are a 13 year old, US based Outsourcing company representing.

Call Center should be able to transfer the Caller ID of the Consumer. Centers whose Dialer does not support this feature, need not apply.

Lead qualifies if the Consumer stays on the line for more than 90 Seconds, once connected.

Each Center will be provided a dedicated Call-in / DID Number, into which they can call in with the consumer on call. The caller will be promoted by a IVR, asking the qualifying questions, to qualify the consumer / lead. The Center can call into the DID Number, 24×7, however, they have can call consumers only as per Telemarketing laws. No Calls should be made to DNC and Mobile Numbers.

Consultancy Charges :- 1,00,000/- Rupees 


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