Scanning and Digitization

Nature of work: scanning
Data : 20 cr in Orrisa and various state up to 5 years
Payout : 60 paisa.
Data type :  Revenue departments
        ( Working under the premises of government office,  complete look over of government officerNo premise expenses, all facility provided by themselves only )

Billing module: 50 days

Signup with government and his parallel company, whose turnover is 400cr Company will signup to the government on the behalf of your bg amount. Vendor have to work as for name of xxxxxxxxx company name only, mean to say all bank detail and profile will given by xxxxxxxx company only to the  government

Total commercial including BG amount = 6.5% of total project

Scanner Min. Configuration:

Scan Resolution - 600 DPI
Scan Type - Color
Size - Upto Ledger size
Document types - files/folders/loose documents
Scanner capacity - About 10,000 pages per day


 1) Batch Processing, Archiving (Scanning and Storing into image/digital form searcheable PDF /A format) and Retrieval.
 2) Receiving files by the tenderer(s) from Supreme Court staff.
 3) Preparing the files for scanning/digitization purpose, i.e. Removal of tags, pins etc.
 4) Scanning and Storing the Data in Scanned form with mirroring facility and one additional back-up on hard disk drive.
 5) Documents/pages identified by the Registry or which are either torn or not in a proper condition or illegible should be converted into machine readable text format  (ASCII or Text mode) by OCR (Optical Character Recognization) Process or by data entry through keyboard typing.
 6) Indexing the stored digitized data.
 7) Handing over the files back to the Supreme Court Staff in their original condition.
 8) Handing over the slotted scanned data on appropriate electronic media to Supreme Court and transferring the stored digitzed data on the Hard Disk/San Storage of  Supreme Court.
 9) The output of scanning & digitisation will have to be posted to DSpace DMS by the vendor as per the meta-data to be finalised by Supreme Court Registry from time to time. The requirement specifications of DSpace DMS impletmentation will be finalised by Supreme Court Registry.
 10) The PDF/A output should also accompany XML output simultaneously wtih PDF/A and during porting the same to storage of Supreme Court Registry.
 11) Imparting of adequate training to the staff of this Court for (1) archival (scanning and storing) (2) retrieval and printing.
 12) Full maintenance and support for one year after the completion of the work.
 13)The software and the methodology to be adopted should ensure seamless integration with the workflow followed in software of Supreme Court Registry which is under migration to Java & Postgres.
 14) The PDF/A files as scanned & digitised by the vendor will be digitally signed using an open source Digital Signature software. The PDF/A output given by the vendor should be digitally signable without requiring any proprietory/commerically purchased software.
 15) The PDF/A output will have to be water marked with the image to be provided by Supreme Court Registry.
 16) The workflow of functioning of scanning cell (where scanning activity by the vendor will be carried out) will be formulated and finalised by Supreme Court Registry so as to make it in sync with functioning of other concerned sections.
 17) The output of scanning/digitization will be verified by authorised officer of Supreme Court Registry on the basis of all the technical parameters of this tender including the economy of disk storage of the output.
 18) The process by which the bidder will Scan/digitize the Court records will include in batches as following:

  1.  Authorized representative of bidder will receive files from staff of the Supreme Court under proper receipt.
  2.  Prepare the files for Scanning/digitization after the removal of tags, pins, dust, etc.
  3.  Scan and digitize each document of file and the data is to be stored by way of images in Portable Document Format PDF/A with adequate resolutions with free text search facility and ensure the readability and ease in retrieval icluding cleaning and spot reduction. The images so stored in the database should be properly indexed as per the requirements of Supreme Court of India and should be capable of adding more images, at later stage if need be, in an old stored file. The data so stored shall be in a non-editable form. 

Below are the mandatory specifications of required PDF/A File format.

4. The PDF's should comply with the following specifications: 

  • PDF/A format (ISO 19005-1:2005) 
  • The compressed PDF files created for viewing should also be 50-80% compressed as compared to standard CCITT G4/JPEG compression (in TIFF/JPEG/PDF file format) for Mono/Color/Grey scale images retaining Searchability, good view and print quality. Should be linearized PDF (as defined by PDF reference manual (ISO 3200-1:2008) to ensure fasterweb viewing. In case of images with printed English text, the output PDF document should be searchable. In this case the PDF should also be reflowable such that the text readjusts itself on the basis of the size of the screen. Searchable PDF should be created in one single step by processing the input image file thus ensuring that no intermediate manipulation of content is possible. Should be enabled for interactive use (applying digital signatures, annotations, comments) with free Adobe Reader or any other popularr free pdf software. PDF/A should be digitally signed (using available digital signature in batch mode) Also it should be possible to digitally sign these PDF files using free Adobe Reader.

 5. Automated Meta data insertion in the PDF files- Metadata available in Spreed sheet or text file should be inserted into the PDF file in a single step during the creation of the PDF file itself. The metadata inserted inside the PDF should conform to the XMP specification for storing rich metadata. This will enable any content management systém that supports XMP to import this
 metadata as indexes.

 6. Apart from above functionalities bidder should have readily available security provision for below mentioned functionalities, Supreme Court may ask it at additional cost if required: Security features for the required output PDFs – All these security features should be applied to PDFs in a single step while creating the PDF files:
     (a) Password protected.
     (b) Certificate protected.
     (c) FIPS-140 compliant AES-256 encryption.
     (d) Policy-protected- it should be possible to apply persistent and dynamic policies that help maintain confidentiality and control use of PDFs even when these PDFs go out of DMS. Supreme Court of India should be able to change usage rights for a PDF, even after the file is distributed to users outside the DMS. Supreme Court of India should be able to create a short-term offline access to PDF by adding an expiration date after which the document can no longer be opened even when it is outside the DMS. This will enable online leasing of these PDF files.
    (e) It should be possible to apply dynamic watermark on these PDFs (in one step while creation) based on the policy used to create the PDF.
    (f) These PDF files should be easily searchable on metadata using standard pdf viewer search utility on the local computer.
   (g) Index the stored scanned data with following indexing parameters: - Case type, case number, case year, Petitioner name(s), Respondent name(s), Petitioner advocate name(s), Respondent advocate name(s). District name, Category Code, Judge(s) name, Date of disposal of case, User, who entered it, remarks etc.

 19) Multipage PDF/A output should be possible to be extracted for a praticular document (petition, judgement, order , statement, formal/stay order, counter/rejoinder etc. or the whole case from the strorage -retrieval software being used by the vendor and Dspace DMS to be impletemented for Supreme Court Registry.
 20) Approximate 65 lacs pages have earlier been scanned and are in tiff format at present with Supreme Court Registry. All these pages as segregated into various documents (petition, judgement, order, statement, formal/stay order, counter/rejoinder etc. or the whole case ) will have to be digitised to PDF/A (& XML) exactly with the parameters given in this tender for rest of the pages. All processes to these pages will have to be performed as are to be done for rest of the output to be scanned from papers (pages). Separate rates will have to be quoted for
 the same.

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