Australian Wireless Project

Payout:   AUD 7 per hour per agent
Payment Cycle:  Monthly
Shift: 2 shifts
Agents per shift: 30
Male/Female ratio: 6:4
Contract Period: 2 years
Advance Billing: One Month

Eligibility Criteria:

-          DoT License
-          Balance Sheet of at least 1 year
-          6 months Banking
-          Experienced in Voice Project (any)

TAT: 30 days to 45 days from the date of MOU

Steps of going Live:

1.    Profile Selection
2.    Conference call with Management team
3.    Questionnaires
4.    Online Screening
5.    SLA sign up in the centre
6.    Training Onsite/Online
7.    Mock call tests
8.    Live Going

Royalty: 7% from every billing. (NDA will be signed for that)

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