Project with direct client signup and all commercials paid after signup


PFA are few projects u might get int in and below is an overview of content development project from India Mart


As per as discussion with Indiamart for CMS(Content Management System).

Scope of Business.

Indiamart would give Rs 150 to Rs 400 /page of every content developed by the vendor.

They would run a audit on quality of the content in which they would ensure no bad words , no repetition of lines on the same page of website.

Indiamart would expect a internal audit software to be installed at vendors place.
Indiamart most critical and important expectation from CMS vendor that he  would carried on manual and automated software program to ensure and achieve the highest quality standards.

Sir it clarifies some of the fundamental assumptions or misconceptions. In the last two posts we've covered what the core capabilities of a CMS.
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The Scope of business is as follows
 A. Invoice of per work station inclusive taxation would be Rs 31000.(fixed).
 B. 25 seater in beginning which included manpower also.
 C. Work includes every data transfer to lic servers through vendor link.
      Conversion ,Scanning  data for CRM.
      It would be done by  continuous process of data Categorisation and data
      analytical procedure.
D. Vendor should do a quality run to double check before entry on Server
     to the discussion it seems to have a fixed invoice which would yield 35
     % of profit.


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