1) The state of Orissa will be covered under the UCO Bank.

2) This is an initiative of the govt of india to include each and every Indian in the banking process and each of them will have a bank account as directed by supreme court of india and as followed by rbi.

3) In Orissa this project will cover up nearly 500 villages and the population of which is assumed to be nearly 12 lakhs.

4) the bank will provide us with the bank account opening form and the accounts of the people will be opened for free with a zero balance account.

5) For this we will need to take the biometrics of the people and enter the data in the given software by bank.

6) We will also need to appoint one bank coordinator in with a population of 2000. So we will need approximately 500 bank co ordinators.

7) This account is being opened due to the basic reason that the funds that are raised by the govt. to the people of the villages will be directly credited to their account, this account will be a basic savings account.

8) The bank coordinator that will be appointed will be the head of this ultra small branch of the

9) The bank coordinator will be credited with a bonus as much transaction he can do in the


The payout per biometric enrollment will be rs. 18
Vendor registration
Billing:- monthly. Approx income:- 6 crores

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