No upfront, consultancy, slot booking for inbound and outbound project


Inbound without investment opportunity with USA Security Alarm outbound 

Min. no. of seats -10
Leads are provided by us without any cost.
Weakly payment on friday for the previous week
Pay out - $100/ sale
no target , u sale and get paid.

There are over 100 centers working on these process around the world. data are not older than 24 hrs. the experienced centers are having more than 4 SPD but new centers with freshers and experienced agent ration of 7:3 are atleast having 1SPD from the first day.

Single time setup cost for Data, Server, Support, Training and etc. : USD 599.00
For a 10 seater call centre
10 agents= 20 sales per day (calculating on the average amount of sales even a new center can make)
Total pay out for a month working 26 days:
20 X 26 X $100 = 52000 USD
52000 x 57/- = 29,64,000 INR

Depending on the performance of the center, the inbound for the same process will be given to them without any charges.
Payout = $4 / agent/ hr
No of agents: 10
Working hours: 24 x7 or 16x7( center to choose)
Total payout of a month:
10 X $4 X 24 X 30 = 28800 USD
28800 X 57/- = 16,41,600 INR

Ref. centers in kolkata who are getting regular payments and having the inbound .

sign up can be done online or at our place in kolkata.

People are requested to contact only if they want to do this project by themselves. we are not a consultancy farm.

Being a PUBLIC LIMITED company we can not take any chance on our reputation. kindly bare with us on this issue.


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  9. Healthy And Safety: This service works towards health management of your workforce. The health of your employees is directly proportional to their productivity and performance, which can affect the business operations.

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