E publication copy paste process



Process is all about uploading a book on clients website its called Book Publishing.
You have been given with Books in word format which you have to copy and paste in clints given server with some logic.
Pls  have a look at snap shot.
This information is confidential you are  asked not to pass it on.

Here i am sending you one of the main file of training process.

Now have a look at snap shot.

Process Document
Step 1:Publication
Publication Name      :           Title of the Book(Title Case)
Category                     :           Book (Always)
Language                    :           English(Always)
Country                      :           United kingdom(Always)
Description                 :           Information of related book title from wikipedia or small description of Book
Click on Update

Step 2:Publication Cover
Type of Publication   :           Book(Always)
Publication Name      :           Title of the Book(Title Case)
Publisher Name         :           Author of the Book(Title Case)
Publish Date               :           Current Date
Publish Dates             :           Custom(Always)
Publish Timezone      :           EST-(GMT-5.00)(Always)
Publish time               :           23.00(Always)
Sale Date                    :           Current Date
Cover price                 :           4.99(Always)
Subscription Price     :           0(Always)
Issue Per Year             :           0(Always)
Categories                  :           Do not Add any thing.
Click Add Cover
Skip Category/Chapter option in step 2

Step 3-Article or Page
Category or Chapter :           Chapter(Always)
Title                             :           Name of the Chapter(Title Case)
By Line                                    :           Author of the Book(Title Case)
Small Description      :           This is the First Chapter of the Book(Don't Change Sentence)
Note*** Chapter number should be given format or u can aslo use this link
First ,Second, Third,Fourth,Fifth,Sixth like this…………….
Article/Chapter Content:     Content of the Single Chapter
Article/Chapter Price            :           0.00(Always)
Page/Chapter Number         :           Accoring to the Chapter Number
Image                                      :           Don't add any thing(Skip)
Click on Add Content
1)         If you want to change any thing in any step, then you can edit by MANAGE Option of that step
2)         Before Uploading any title you have to check the status, whether it is already exist or not.Avoid Duplication of Books TitlesàView by Manage option of related step
3)         Avoid Duplication of Chapters-->View by Manage option of related step     

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